Asus p9x79 motherboard bios for raid 0 with trim support

Hi Peoples ..

I have an Asus p9x79 motherboard and am interested in using two ssd drives with raid 0 and trim support enabled.

From hunting around the net , I find conflicting information as to whether the x79 chipset has driver support for raid 0 with trim.

Some people are saying that its worth trying a bios with the latest raid orom. Can't find a suitable bios for p9x79 board.

It has also been mentioned that a bios can be "hacked" to include the latest orom but I am not confident enough to do it..

Does anyone KNOW if it can be done with this motherboard and does anyone happen to have a pre-hacked bios (tested) that I can install and try?

The more I search for answers , the more confusing the conflicting information becomes.

Hoping someone out there can help.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas ! :)
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  1. sorry about the double posts guys, the site came up saying it was temporarily offline and I assumed that meant the message wasnt posted so I re-did it.
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