Asus p9x79 motherboard bios for raid 0 with trim support

Hi Peoples,

I have an Asus p9x79 motherboard and am wondering if anyone knows if this board can be used with two SSD's in RAID 0 With trim support functioning.

Have spent quite a while searching the internet for answers but have come away totally confused with the masses of conflicting information.

It has been mentioned that hacking a bios to include recent OROM raid might work. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a bios with the suitable OROM to suit this board. I am not confident enough to "hack" a bios.

Can anyone confirm if it is possible to get raid 0 with trim working on this board?

The more I search for information , the more confused I become.

Hoping someone can help clear the confusion.

Thanks in Advance and Merry Christmas. :sol:
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  1. Well,
    It has a link for a P9X79 too.
    If you're ready to flash a modded BIOS... on your own risk.
    If it does work, please post back.
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