Physx Cards?

I'm looking into buying new PC, have a question would it be better to get:

2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 + 570 PHYSX Card
or 2x NVIDIA Ge-force GTX 580?

Or more importantly how well do the PHYSX cards work? I haven't seen anything really on the topic. Funny that there are no reviews of PhysX cards and performance recently. Are they just a gag or are they just going to be included in future Graphics cards when technology is really in use.
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    you don't need card as powerful as GTX570 to become dedicated card. but when you combine 2 GTX570 its essentially SLI. GTX570 in SLI is more than enough to handle the game and physx processing at the same time.

    about physx there only few that use the physics engine extensively (in which the physics effect processing being done by gpu) such as batman AA. when enabling the advance physics effect you will see extra eye candy in the game but it will not going to change the gameplay or how you will play the game. other games that did not use the physics engine extensively still rely on cpu to do the processing.
  2. Nvida already put great physics processing power in his card, so whatever you get, you will do fine. One video card is enough for both video and physics. Age of EMpires III also has physics if Im not mistaken. Having said that, Physics did not catch on...and its unsure if it will grow or die.
  3. Unreal Engine 3 is the most widely used gaming engine, and it incorporates PhysX extensively. There is a good chance there will be more games coming out with the option to enable GPU accelerated PhysX.

    You do not need a dedicated PhysX card when you have a pair of GTX 570's or 580's.
  4. if i'm not mistaken the samaritan demo that epic show a while back integrate Physx into their latest engine for the demo?
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  6. Thanks for the help to you all; I guess in the future if I need an upgrade I can do it. I'm looking @ long term I typically buy a computer every 3 years and I try to buy one that will last that long and be able to play all the games.

    Thanx for the info; I don't research hardware but every year or so... take care
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