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I am looking to buy a hyper 212 plus cpu heatsink when I build my new gaming computer in a few weeks, and wanted to know what kind of fans I could replace the stock ones with. Can I use any 120mm fans?
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  1. Hello jrwizbang;

    It has a pretty fair 120mm fan already installed.
    What's the purpose of replacing one 120mm fan with another? Did you want to add a 2nd fan?
  2. I want to put on two fans picked out by my self because they are orange and that is the theme I am going for. Will any fan work as long as they are 120mm?
  3. just about every 120mm fan will fit unless its one of those fans that only works with rubber screws rather then metal ones (those are very few)
  4. Got a link to the fans you want?
  5. These are the ones im looking at. I think they will work. If not im sure I could find a use for them.
  6. I find the fan that comes with the CM is fine and pretty quiet but if you want orange, by all means, get the orange.
  7. The airflow rating is good - very close to the stock fan. Overall cooling shouldn't be affected.

    But I have doubts that the straight mounting brackets will fit that rounded Cougar ran. The brackets are the straight rails in the lower right side of the accessory pack parts.

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    Not sure those will work due to the bracket you have to attach to the fan. It may, but it looks like the screws are a bit offset, I could be wrong, if it lines up like a normal 120 mm fan, itll work.
  9. I'll find a way to make them work if i have to. I'm pretty handy with stuff like that
  10. XIGMATEK fans look like they should fit.
  11. The cougar fan won't work with CM's included mounting hardware.
    You'd have to McGyver it!
  12. Well from the looks of it, the brackets just go in between the fan and the heat sink it self. Therefore, as long as the holes line up, it should be okay.
  13. Order just 1 Cougar fan now to test it out.
    You should always be able to find a place in the case to put the fan to use if it won't fit the brackets.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I'll test it out on my friends hyper 212 plus and see if it works. I'll let everyone know what happens!
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