Help choose a new mobo for my setup

Hi guys,
I have:

Asrock Z77 pro4 mobo (mistake, chipset gets hot long before CPU on mild OC, no SLI, etc.)
I7 2700k
16GB corsair vengence
Intel 256GB SSD
MSI Twin Frozr N680GTX 4GB
Corsair Carbide 500r case
Seasonic X650 Gold PSU

I need a mobo where I can move to Ivy bridge if I decide to later. But mostly I need a mobo that can accommodate a second GTX 680. Please any advice would help. I like Asus because I trust the name but I get lost looking at all the different options. Please if you could I would appreciate advice and an option or two and why you would go that way. Thank you guys.

P.S. Budget is like $150. More if for a good reason.
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  1. Had to go all the way up to this one to meet your requirements for 2 16 land pcie slots.

    Oops, I didn't notice it's 16/0 or 8/8. It would still work pretty good sli.
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    ASRock Extreme4.
  3. I actually found that board and made another post about it. Are there any downsides to that board? I know its budget...
  4. I would have suggested the Extreme4 except you specified ASUS. It's a good one.
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