GTX 580 vs. ATI 6970

Hi there,

Got a bit of a dilaema...choosing the GPU, if i could obviously would be 590/6990, but looking at my budget i'm between GTX 580 and ATI 6970.

The difference between both goes around 100€ or so...being GeForce more expensive then ATI. Question is, which one is the best looking at the stats&specs? Worths the GTX or ATI looking at price-quality?

Opinions? Critics? Suggestions? Advises?

Thanks ^^
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  1. 580 is overall faster.The difference may not be much in some titles,but in most games,the performance difference is notable.
    What resolution do you play on ?
  2. I play on 1440x900.

    I look at it and see that GTX gets 384bit instead of 256 but ATI has 500MB more of GDDR5 and couple of values higher...some that i don't understand the meaning or how significant they are to consider.

    (Side info: mostly online games like the upcoming BF3, which is one of the reasons i'm getting a new GPU. Overall i play a bit of most type of games, like to push on graphics and play smooth at the same time.

    Aiming aswell to new CPU is the Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4Ghz 8Mb and 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz on an ASUS Sabertooth iP67 motherboard.)
  3. For that resolution either card is way overkill. A GTX460/560 or Radeon 6870/6850 would make alot more sense for you
  4. If your doing 3D(Adobe CS5.5 or something else 3D intensive) and/or gaming at high/maximum settings, I recommend getting a GTx 570 if you got the money because at 1440x900, im sure you'll upgrade to 1080p(1920x1080)...
  5. The 580 destroys the 6970 and with less power consumption. But I agree that's overkill for 1440x900 unless you're planning to upgrade to a higher resolution. If it's in your budget, go for the 580, if it's pushing your budget, I'd get a 570.
  6. The plain truth is that both card are similar not that much difference. Now its ur choice whether u prefer Nvidia (pricey but good software update) or ATI (cheaper but non consistent updates). As far as 3D is concerned Nvidia holds the banner. It can do 3D with dual Dvi on the newer model 3D monitors while ATI cards can only use HDMI for 3D thru HDMI. As far as price is concerned at u are in budget then ATI will be the best card for the buck. Keep in mind that another card will be around the corner in 6 months.
  7. I forgot some info

    Nvidia 3D = 60 fps Dual link DVI
    ATI 3D = 30fps. HDMI
  8. 1400x900 and you're getting i7 2600k and gtx 580 what the hell?

    i used to play on that resolution last year, and my e8400 and gtx 260 maxed every game except metro 2033

    get a gtx 460 is you're staying on 1440x900, if you upgrade to 1920x1080 then i reccomend the 6970 as its alot cheaper then the 580 and not much performance difference for the money
  9. As others mentioned,cards like GTX 560/HD 6850 are fine and can handle all games fine
  10. +1 for what eofong and Oozee said. The 6970 is better bang for your buck and offers better scalability for the future, but if you plan to continue playing at that resolution why not save a few quid and get a 560 or 6870. And if you want 3D as said above, Nvidia has the far superior tech in this area.
  11. LOL! xD i know that >.> hehe it was a good laugh

    I was asked what res i played on and so i said, but of course with the upgrade on the GPU and else a new monitor is coming, looking at LED Full HD with both HDMI/DVI plugs and at least playing on 1920x1080.
  12. Go with 580 then :) For 100€ more,it's worth it IMO
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