Recommend me a Mobo+CPU

I've got an HD7950 GPU but my intel e7400 just isn't cutting it as a CPU. Unfortunately I also have to upgrade my motherboard as it isn't compatible with the intel i3/5/7 which I want. I'm looking at some sort of i3 or i5. Current mobo is an MS-7336.

Budget, as cheap as possibly under £250.
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  1. Post some uk site so we can tell you about hardware in your budget.
  2. Well I was going to probably order the hardware online but ok.

    These are preferred, or somewhere like Ebay.
  3. Cheers, out of curiosity what would be the difference between a much cheaper motherboard that can still have an i5 for instance
  4. There is no performance penalty for the cheap z77 mobo. That z77 pro3 dosent support nvidia sli, only amd crossfire. As you are using amd gpu, there will be no problem. You can have that one.
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