GTX 580 wont sit flush in my Antec P182 - totally losing my mind

So I will long story short this. The parts -

Antec P182 case

MSI P67-GD55

Galaxy GTX 580

When I go to put the card in the slot, the area where the PCI slot screws screw in, sits above the case about half a centimeter. If I tighten the screws down, it pushes the far side of the graphics card out toward the case.

If I take the motherboard out of the case, the card fits just fine, it does not hit any parts on the motherboard.

If I put the card into the case without the motherboard, it fits just fine through the PCI slot holes through to the back, and sits flush with the screws.

When I put the motherboard in the case, with the GPU, it does this.

My friend has the 'exact' same case and motherboard. I tried it on his setup, and of course, it fits just fine. The 'exact' same mobo and case.

I'm going crazy trying to figure out why. Is this something I should even worry about? I don't like the idea of the stress its putting on the card when tightened down. The PC works/looks great otherwise...

Thanks! :hello:
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  1. Theirs a sorta pointed end on the graphics card.When you put it in correctly it will sit in the middle bettween the case slots and the motherbaord.It's really tiny but you gotta push it in.You should be able to see if it's caught on the motherboard or not.
  2. These notches.

    They should sit right between the case and the motherboard.Theirs a little gap and that's where it need to go.You may nee to push a little,just a little.
  3. Checked that out. I can take the back-side of the case off, and I can see those tips coming through.

    'But' they aren't coming through as much as they should. They aren't being blocked by anything, but I still can't find what is holding the card up a bit high.

    Once I tighten the screws down, they come through as much as the other PCI slot panels. But when the GPU is sitting straight in the motherboard, they barely come through the back side of the case. Thanks for the suggestion, really, but I think something else is at play here. It's maddening!
  4. Can you take a picture of it?
  5. did you use standoffs in your case to separate your MB from it? I know a bunch of cases don't need standoffs because they already have the gap by raising the area for the screw away from the back of the case.
  6. I think DEY123 is on to it. Every box I've built has some form of spacer between the MB pan and the MB itself. They're usually clip in devices that you can locate where needed for your MB. My guess is that something is amiss in your box. Either the spacers aren't present or they're too long or too short. Use your friends rig to measure the proper distance between the MB and pan.
  7. Is this the only card you have installed? If not I assume the others are OK?

    When the card is in, the PCIe connector is fully inserted and the card is square to the motherboard?

    If it were me, I think I'd wind up going out to the hardware store for a stack of washers and a longer screw. Use the washers to take up slack between the card and the case, screw it down, call it a day.
  8. Never used motherboard risers before. I setup my friends build, and never messed with them in the same case. Horribly stupid question... my screw bag for my case only has a few. Wouldn't you need all 9?

    And yes to both of your questions, Emesis.

    I'm tempted to just go with the washer route. Do you think I've done any damage to the card itself as of right now? I'm worried that the stress of having it screwed down to the PCI back plate has hurt solder points on the GPU.

    Or I'm just nuts.
  9. Their should be some pre-installed ones already in the case.Motherboard risers are important for venting and insure proper flow of circuitry.If you don't have all of them try using ones where it's most imporant,like on edges and the middle.

    Can you take a picture of it and post?
  10. Yeah, I will try and get them later today/tomorrow. I'm at work now, and it's sitting next to me, but I think I've probably tinkered with a bit too much for today. :p
  11. Alright then.Just let us know of your discoveries.
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