Dosen t recognize my graphic card need help

asus mobo with onbord graphic card. dosen t recognize my graphic card need help.
when i attach the vga cable on my pci-e graphics card my monitor is black and a no signal mesage , when i put the vga cable on the integrated graphic card it works need help. the graphic card is a Nvidia geforce 8500GT by gigabyte power supply 900w with 32 ampers . sory for my bad english.
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  1. You have to disable integrated graphics first before you can use your graphics card. Boot up your computer with your monitor plugged into your integrated graphics. Go into your BIOS, for Asus boards you get there by hitting the Delete key right after the computer starts up. The graphics options should be somewhere in the chipset configuration section. Switch the primary display adapter from integrated graphics to PCI-E/PCI. Save and exit. The computer will then restart itself, and should route its display signal through your graphics card rather than the integrated graphics.
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