Will Asrock Extreme4 work for me?

Here are the parts I have now
i7 2700k H100 cooler
asrock Z77 Pro 4 mobo... no SLI and lousy for OC :(
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600 Mhz
Intel 256GB SSD
Seasonic X650 Gold+ PSU

Im looking to move to Ivy bridge in a few months. But I need a second GTX 680 right away but cant on my current board.

How is this board for overclocking? SLI for 2 680s? Does it make sense for me? Thanks for any help folks.
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    asrock axtreme4 is good for overclocking and sli and its a Tom’s Hardware Approved Award mobo. It will be good for price.
  2. Any down sides to going with this? I know its a budget board and all.
  3. Agreed the ASRock Extreme4 is one of if not the 'best' Z77 MOBO's in its price point, and I cannot imagine a downside for either a SB or IB CPU.

    IMHO I'd hold off until Haswell rather than replacing your 'perfectly' good SB i7-2700K and current ASRock MOBO. The deference between the SB (K) & IB (K) once OC'ed is very (very) small.

    If you need a new MOBO for SLI support (NOW) then sure, why not get the ASRock Extreme4.
  4. No, i dont see any. Asrock is a good brand. So dont worry.
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