Just built my new computer, did i do it right? (bios screens)

it is an i5-2500k

asrock z68 pro3-m

g skill ddr3 1600 1.5v cas latency should be 9-9-9-24

sata 6 hard drive

asus blu ray drive (put this in a regular sata 2 slot)

i was so nervous making this thing, like there were creaking sounds coming from my motherboard when i was installing the cpu fan lol. the highest cpu temp ive seen was in the bios it said it was 50 or 51 degrees but in the asrock utility its only usually mid 30's, not sure what one is accurate.

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  1. Well about the temp - in bios no powersavings is working - so the temp is higher - but when in windows powersavings is working - the reason for lower temps :)

    And it looks good
  2. Can you think of any reason that my bd / dvd drive won't show up sometimes? I need to restart to make it show up

    Also my ram cas latency seems to be set at 11 instead of 9... Should I change them?
  3. On the ram config page, the top option is the xmp profile option, just select that and it'll set the timings right. Also set your sata mode to ahci. I'm not sure about your dvd drive, try changing port.
  4. If you look at your Asrock eXtreme tuner utility you'll notice the temps will change every second or 2. Apparently it's polling all four cores. You probably took that first picture with a hotter core. No prob on your temps. Also set powersaving mode to Auto, your CPU should throttle down to 1600 when it's idle.
  5. Powersaving mode is NOT speedstep and made me unstable at stock clocks so would recommend to leave it off. Also the first pic is in bios where the cpu is in full load but axtu is in windows where it can idle.
  6. This bd drive sucks, sometimes it shows up and works perfectly, then I'll restart computer and its gone. Just changed to ahci, reinstalling windows. Moved bd drive to new port
  7. letting everyone know that the drive seems to be fixed..

    one of the things i did worked lol. i did them all at once (moved to new port, changed to ahci, reinstalled windows)
  8. does a passmark cpu score of 6900 seem right?? my overall system score was alot lower lol no gfx card yet
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