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I built a new computer for my Mom and am using the old hard-drive that has windows 7 32 bit so I installed the 64 bit windows 7 pro and for some reason is has both versions of windows 7 32 bit which I can get into and the 64 bit that I can get into. The windows version that I have are XP sp3 that is a full version and Windows Home that is with my laptop, how I go about getting rid of windows 7 32 bit one anyone have any advice please let me know?

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    Did you format the hard drive you put into your mom' computer before installing the 64 bit copy of Win 7?
  2. No I didn't how I go about doing that with 64 bit it didn't have the option to format
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  4. When you boot off the Windows 7 disc, it'll show your currently installed partitions. Click the format option to wipe the current partitions, and then delete them, so you only have 1 partition.
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