Where's my RAM, dude?

I have 8GB G.Skill 1600 which is all working and show in my Resource Panel that I am using 5600GB and 2480 is available. I've hidden the MSFT required services and remove some of the other services I KNOW I don't need. I've removed unneeded Startup programs which saved a little memory but HEY! I have an I5-2400 w/ 4GB RAM and it has 2.8GB available with cleaning any services or start up items. The other computer is an I5-2500K BTW.
Any ideas?
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  1. Windows always puts memory into reserve for page files and other OS functions
    Vista was known and Win 7 to a lesser extent to use alot for prefetch
    prefetch is your most commonly used programs being loaded into a memory page
    win xp uses it but not as much as Vista or Win7 generally
    so if for example you load Internet explorer,outlook and other apps
    they are "preloaded" into memory for faster load times
    you can clean out your prefetch folder
    but really not recommended
    when you need it then it will be cleared out and usable
    I would almost bet that the 8gb machine is Vista or Win7
    and the 4gb machine is XP
    since the newer OSes use more memory

    you can find memory monitors that constantly run
    use one of those and then use a memory intensive program or just open alot of browsers and other apps
    you will see that windows will use the memory
    it is still avalaible to you
  2. Both rigs are Win 7 HP 64 bit. I do have 7 task tray items. Maybe that's it?
    I had all other programs closed except for those when checking memory.
  3. depends on the task items and their memory footprint
    for example Photoshop will take much more memory than usually an IM client or system monitor
  4. A clean win7 install with drivers and hardware support will take anywhere between 700-1.5GB of Ram for the OS (it will eat up more for page filing based on a percentage of what is available, but 1.5GB tends to be the most I have seen it eat). I did notice on my new build that the clean install was using some 4-5 GB of ram. I didn't really think much about it as I have 16GB but it did bother me. After looking at task manager I found that Virtu was the culperate, and was eating a TON of ram. After uninstalling Virtu (because it is crap) my ram usage went down to a nice normal 1.5GB where I expected it to be.

    Hope that helps!
  5. I also think your video cards memory plays a part
    windows will allocate memory addresses for all hardware and the larger your video card the more memory is set aside

    but definitley look into your running programs
    browsers with many tabs open will use a fair amount of ram
    applications like Outlook,Photoshop etc can use a fair amount
  6. I have 1TB HDD with 2 partitions. C:drive of arund 200GB and the remaining in the other drive partition. I don't remember what the disk cache is but probably 8MB. I'm on a different rig right now due to a case change on my 2500L
  7. check resource monitor (task manager > performance > resource monitor) for hard faults (calls to the page file), if you are not doing that too often then you have nothing to worry about. also the memory tab on resource monitor may give you a little more detail on what is using what.
  8. you can take a look at task manager , in process tab you can see that which program is using more memory.
    Add more column to see vitual, real, peak memory usage etc
  9. Quote:
    I have 8GB

    using 5600GB and 2480 is available

    5.6GB Used + 2.4GB Avaliable = 8GB of RAM total.

    I fail to see what the problem is...Windows pre-caches RAM VERY aggressively now for your most commonly used programs, so a lot of RAM is always taken at startup. I wouldn't too much.
  10. +1 good job gamerk316
    exactly what I try to say but done much better
    one sentence instead of my three paragraphs :)
    yours is very concise and to the point
  11. the OP says he has 7 task bar items open
    depends what those are
    would be interested to see a list of them
    if it is just sound/video/AV control panels then that is alot of RAM to be allocated
    but if it is apps like Photoshop/MSOffice etc then maybe not

    I do recall that windows sets aside memory address space above the 4gb address space and hardware especially a large size video card will use it up
    but not sure if that matters in this instance
  12. Quote:
    that's a lot of RAM being used upon even in that instance...
    too much allocation.

    Not really. I've seen a LOT of people ask the same questions as the OP, because we are simply not used to such aggressive pre-caching. Heck, my system uses about 4GB or so at idle, and I have very little actually running in the background...

    Depends a lot on what the OP has running in the background, but Windows is VERY aggressive pre-caching now. As long as he isn't getting those nasty "out of memory" errors when running something that requires that RAM, then he should be fine.
  13. to quote myself

    "the OP says he has 7 task bar items open
    depends what those are
    would be interested to see a list of them"

    really depends what the OP has running IMHO
  14. The computer in question is down right now as I'm doing some case changeovers so I can set up an older AMD system I have laying around in parts, all the parts.
    So from memory the tsk bar items are MSI Afterburner, HWMonitor, Windows calculator, Win internet Explorer, Windows explorer, Windows Media player and things like that. I don't have Photoshop or Office or games and such in the taskbar.
    I can do without the Win explorer and media player.
    Thanks for helping me out with answers to this since I've never seen this % of RAM used even in my older rigs which mostly used Win 98 or XP Pro32 bit.
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