Problem With Computer. Need help!

Last Friday I built my first computer. I played it over the weekend no problems. I played games with no problems. On Monday I turned on my computer and after about 5 minutes it shutdown then turned on for about 3 seconds then shutdown for about 3 seconds etc. It would do this until I turned off the power supply. This is what I have in my computer.

CPU : Intel Core i5 2500K
Mobo : ASRock Extreme4 Gen3
RAM : 8GB Corsair Vebgeance
PSU : Corsair TX750W
Case : HAF 932

The thing that is confusing about this is on Monday the computer ran for 5 minutes in the morning then after I got home from school it ran for maybe an hour before going into this on off cycle. Then Tuesday it only shutdown once. Then Thursday I put the fan that came with the case in and since then I haven't had problems until today.

I started it up this morning and it worked fine. I brought it back upstairs and into my room. The computer lasted for maybe an hour before going into the on off cycle. I then moved it to a different wall socket and it worked fine for around 4 hours before turning off and going into this on off cycle around 12:00 PST. Now it goes strait to the on off cycle after powering it on.

I have tried:
-Different wall sockets
-Checking all connections
-Checking to make sure nothing is touching
-Checking for lose screws
-Running RAM tests for errors
-Changing RAM slots

Please Help.
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  1. Have you checked the temps? Perhaps a CPU or GPU fan is loose.
  2. you have a short

    possibly a motherboard stand off or the front panel switch on the case . Check by bread boarding it

    If its still doing it out of the case [ start it with the tip of a screwdriver over the power contacts for the front panel connector ] you have a faulty power supply
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