Want a micro atx board that will take FX 8350 and 32gigs of ram

Dear Community,

I would like to build a really nice multi-core workstation using a sleek aluminium Lian Li micro ATX case.

Is there a MICRO-ATX board that will handle the AMD FX 8350 CPU that holds 32 GB of ram?
All the micro ATX boards for this processor seem to only hold 16 GB.

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  1. Found two:

    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
    MSI 760GM-E51 (FX)
  2. Hey, Cball1311. Thanks for finding those. Those will work.
    I have a quick question though.
    Those two boards use the 760G and SB710 chipsets, and the top memory speed is DDR3 1333.

    The other MicroATX boards (Asus M5A88-M) I was looking at have the 880G and SB850 Chipsets and though they are restricted to 16GB, I am able to install DDR3 2133

    Would I be slightly bottlenecking my computer by using the older chipset, and slower RAM?
    As well as missing out on some slightly more modern features?

    It would be dumb of me to have an overall slower system speed just to have a huge amount of RAM.
    What do you think?
  3. You shouldn't see a decrease in system performance. Memory speeds show a minimal (to no) gain in speed when it comes to applications. You would see an increase in benchmarks but thats about it. Its a shame you didn't go with intel because there are some microATX server motherboards out there with all the server specs (RAID, dual-LAN, even 64GB RAM if needed). But, if that is all you can do (FM-8350) then you should be fine.
  4. Yeah, I haven't bought the FX 8350 yet. I am attracted to it because of it's 8 cores. To me it is like buying a V8 instead of a v6 or four cylinder.

    What intel server board would you recommend for micro ATX that can take a processor with a lot of cores, but still have a slot for putting a contemporary high end video card. I'd like to run 3 to 4 30" monitors, and maybe play some games.
  5. Wait a second, I was doing some quick research, and it seems the FX 8350 isn't even a true 8 core processor. it really has only four cores, but each core is divided into two threads. So it is 8 threaded processor.

    Which should I get for Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator, and occasional games? Would I be better with an i7? It seems like from what I am seeing, the i7 is the more powerful processor. The i7 990x is six cores.
    But boy is it pricey. The i7 990x is $900 The FX 8350 is only $194. Wow, that is over 4 times the price.
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    The FX-8350 does have 8 physical cores. It has 4 Piledriver modules with 2 cores in each module.,2.html

    In a microATX, you are going to be limited to one PCIe express port so limited to one video card. If you get a good high-end card you can run three monitor but you will need an adapter for the third one (for the DisplayPort) and you are going to have to do some research if you haven't done it before.

    As far as multitasking, the eight cores are great. You said you are not relying on heavy gaming so you should be fine for Photoshop and Illustrator.

    AMD is still (and probably always will be) behind Intel in their CPU design and speed but AMD is geared more towards budget (just as you explained). I have been using AMD for quite sometime and I am very happy with it overall (especially the overclocking capabilities) but you can't beat the price if budget is a concern.

    Are you planning on using this as a direct server (virtual machines, HDDs, etc.) or just for personal use. I mean, 32GB is plenty for a small server but is a bit of an overkill for personal computing.
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