Help me please!!! AMD Radeon HD5670 or NVIDIA GT 430 128 BIT GDDR3

please help to make a choice: AMD Radeon HD5670 or NVIDIA GT 430 1024mb 128 BIT GDDR3. :( :( :( My budget is 60 euros, that's all I have. Why should I choose? :(
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  1. I want to be good at games, GTA4, Far cry2, Crysis, Call of duti MW1, 2, black ops ...
  2. HD5670 any day. but don't expect to max out your games except for call of duty series.

    btw what is your system spec and preferred gaming resolution?
  3. i have a MB msi p67a-c45, intel i5 2500k, 4gb ram 1333ghz, power suply inter-tech energon 550w, can play this game to hight detail?
  4. I missed the euros part but a HD5770 would be great although a little over budget
  5. Any video card's level of detail capabilities will depend upon each individual game/title and the resolution (which you did not provide) being used to play it. An i5-2500K + 5670 combo may actually struggle to max out GTAIV at resolutions above 1366x768, but it could probably max out CoD:MW at 1680x1050.

    If you truly want to play games using high detail settings, then you should be looking at more powerful cards than either of these. I suggest the HD6850 / GTX 460 range.
  6. We're talking euro's i believe so newegg is a bit far away i think.
  7. :whistle:
  8. Your 2500k will be not even breaking a sweat with the video cards you listed. Either video card will be the limiting factor in video games. However, with the age and technology in the games you listed, I would think a 5670 would be perfect to run those games on high settings at 1680x1050 and will probably hold you by until the next gen GPUs come out.
  9. at 1680x1050 i think 5670 will only let you play on medium setting on general. even my GTS250 have to struggle at 1600x900 when i push all the setting to high.
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