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Hello,what is the difference between 5m and 7m download speed
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  1. I would say 2Mb?
  2. Do you mean 5 MBit and 7 MBit?
  3. I assume you mean 5Mbps and 7 Mbps.

    Network speed is generally measured in Mega-bits per second. One bit is the single smallest piece of data that a computer can interpret, which is either a 0 or 1. A megabit is approximately 1,000,000 bits. So, when you're referring to network speed, you're referring to the amount of data that is capable of being transferred in one second.

    5 Mbps is sufficient for basic web browsing and light downloading. 7 Mbps would be decent for applications like Youtube and low quality Netflix.

    Hope this helps :)
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