512MB DDR2 5300U RAM vs 1gig DDR2 4200U

Hello everyone, i have a few minor questions, i am not a PRO at the computer world but i know the basics and can put together PC's and what not.

What i am wondering is:

For my home desktop computer i would like to know which RAM chips would be more optimal and run my desktop better / faster ?

I have 4 RAM chips

x2 1gig DDR2 PC 4200U


x2 512mb DDR2 PC 5300U

i can only place 2 RAM chips into my desktop.

what i want to know is which set will run faster ?

i understand with the 1 gigs i will get 1 extra gig of ram. But they run at 4200U not 5300U

I appreciate all comments, Thank you for your time.
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