Possible GPU configurations for a dedicated physiX card


I'm thinking of upgrading parts of my computer.
I have a 9800GT, factory overclocked.
If I buy a 560 GTX, can put my 9800GT in the second PCI-Express slot and use it as a dedicated PhysiX GPU?

I also have an old 8600 GTS. Can I use My 9800GT as the primary GPU and the 8600GTS for PhysiX ?
How good would that be ?

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  1. both should work but i don't know about the performance. but if i were you i might go for GTX560 + 8600GTS (dedicated physx)
  2. Ok thanks

    but why not GTX560+9800Gt instead of 8600GTS ??
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    for the best performance you will use 9800GT. but to use 9800GT you have to make sure your PSU will be able to handle GTX560 and 9800GT at the same time. unlike 9800GT, 8600GTS doesn't need supplementary power connector to work. that's why some people like to use GT240 as their dedicated physx since GT240 is the fastest nvidia card without the supplementary power connector to work
  4. My first question would be do you even play any of the few games that a dedicated PhysX card would work in? There aren't many. If you don't play any of them then don't bother having the dedicated card.
  5. also, if you have a decent processor with a good clock, you may be able to use that as your dedicated physx component. no?
  6. No. CPUs aren't designed for that kind of work.

    Edit: And Nvidia doesn't allow for newer programming like SSE. They've kept CUDA stupid on purpose so that CPUs will forever remain slower.
  7. wow, figures. For an AMD guy, i dont know why i like Nvidia so much. kinda an oxy-moron. Anti-cpu-snob being a gpu snob. lol
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