After posting some pictures in the members system builders thread i thought it maybe an idea for people not just to show there PCs but there whole PC set up room corner etc etc, so people can get ideas make comments and drool, laugh and take the piss out of each other.

As theres going to be alot of photos on here i suggest everybody creates an album on an online server of some kind, photobucket etc etc and post the link.

So heres mine with some updated pictures.

PS im no David Bailey
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More about woman cave show yours
  1. Yes ladies show us ya love cave!
  2. FT03 with a window. Well that is different....

    What ya got in that system?
  3. Yah modded it myself..

    Phenom 840 on corsair H60 ocd to 3.7ghz with a GTX 550 Asus Direct CUII, 4gb RAM, Samsung Spinpoint 1TB F3, W7 32 bit
  4. What's with the Bren on the wall?
  5. 1941 Royal Enfield MK1, i like it, collectors item..
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