5850 for bf3?

Hey guys,

With battlefield 3 on the tip of the iceberg, I'm trying to figure out the best route for me to take. I'm trying to figure out if i should swap over to crossfire or upgrade my card.



AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor

CORSAIR DOMINATOR 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)


I run my games at 1920X1200 resolution on highest settings possible.

What I'm looking to find out from you all is: can this tackle max bf3 settings, should i crossfire 5850 ( would be awesome if anyone knew what the replacement/equivalent for the 58 for this is since no one sells the 5850 and if i could crossfire a 5850 with a new model)

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  1. ok, but should i go the crossfire route or upgrade the card? that's the ultimate question here and with what cards.
  2. the question is what card for crossfire

    i cant find a 5850 for less then 200, yet the 6850 is only 150. is the 6850 not equivalent?
  3. you cannot crossfire a 5850 with a 6850 if that is what your asking and from my personal expirience I would avoid midrange crossfire altogether bc of the terrible microstuttering and horrible minimum fps I expirienced with my 6870 crossfire setup of the past.... Id go for a beefier single gpu or what for the next round...
  4. so would a 5850 and a 6870 crossfire?
  5. no def not
  6. you can crossfire a 6850 and a 6870 (which is dumb) or a 5850 with a 5870 (which is also a dumb move imo)... best to pair it up with a matching card you cannot crossfire 5 and six series and I personally wouldn't recommend crossfire for anything less then 6950s bc of the inherent microstuttering and overall poor drivers for midrange dual gpus from AMD ... nothing wrong with amds single gpu configs but like I mentioned above, the 6870 crossfire setup I had, the microstutter was unavoidable...
  7. that's unfortunate, considering a 5850 at this point is 50 bucks more then a 6870 considering they are identical.

    looks like a single beefy card it is. Gonna toss this up on ebay and see what i can fetch.

    So for the single beefy card, would a 6950 2g be what i need for max setting?

    This??? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161372
  8. I wouldnt say max but it will def be playable with some nice graphics imo... really to make the upgrade worthwhile Id grab a gtx 580... considering the 6950 is basically the 5870 with more vram it will be marginally better then your single 5850 so really for a single gpu I think its the 580 or maybe a 570 oc'ed would suffice if the game is not to taxing on vram I guess, in the end its all speculating so I'd get the best gpu you can afford or wait for the refresh; which is a game you will never quite win, in the end you have to settle or blow big cash lol..
  9. ^that is a nice 6950 you have linked although I cannot say precisely if it would be "worth" the upgrade to obtain it... that my friend is up to you

    personally I noticed a big jump in BFBC2 going from a single 6870 to a single gtx 560ti with a 1ghz oc it practically runs like a gtx 570/6970.... but thats BFBC2... oh btw I only paid 210 for an Asus DC2 model so Im happy for now until I possibly go sli or bigger gpu down the road
  10. ^thanks and as you can see a 6950 is only a one tier jump while a 580 is a 3 tier jump which according to toms constitutes a "worthwhile" upgrade although at times I could disagree this is fairly accurate
  11. as being a college student, money is kinda tight and idk if i can justify another hundred for a 580.

    thanks for the help but i think im going to rock the 5950, never had to much luck with nvidia
  12. maybe you can just wait until the game out before deciding which card to get. if you're comfortable with your current 5850 maybe you will just keep it as it is and do your upgrade when the next gen card comes out. but if you not then maybe its time to find used 5850 (if you want it cheap) or getting new card altogether
  13. ^yeah then just wait it out
  14. 5850 and 5870 480/470 are not on downside of the graphics market you are still doing just fine, max settings doubt it but enjoyable yes for sure
  15. interesting enough, according to that chart a 4870 x2 is equiv to a 6970 and the best part of it all is that a 4870 x2 is only around $ 100.

    thats a 2 tier jump from the 5850 for 100 bucks

    heres my new question: How much better is a 5850 x2 then a 4870 x2. the 5850 x2 is not even listed on the chart, which leads me to believe that for $50-100 more i could blow bf3 outta the water.

    Update: dice just annouced that you will need 580 x2 for ultra settings =(
  16. a 4870x2 is on par with a 5870 you will not see too much of a jump not to mention that you will lose dx11 support, not a good idea
  17. jjb8675309 said:
    a 4870x2 is on par with a 5870 you will not see too much of a jump not to mention that you will lose dx11 support, not a good idea

    Good Call on the dx11, didn't even think of that.

    So does another 5850 justify itself for crossfire?

    god knows i don't have enough for sli 580's
  18. another 5850 is a good idea, likely can be found on the cheap
  19. yeah but I wouldnt expect it to be so hot in the microstutter dept considering it runs rampant with a pair of 6870s which is basically the same performance of a 5850
    all I can say is I had a pair of 6870s and they were horrible
  20. i wouldn't jump to any conclusions about microstuttering ie 5970 crossfire on card for example which simply has 320 more shaders.
  21. ok well personally I wouldnt try it, maybe im wrong, but with 6870s it was bad
  22. I dont remember hearing a lot about it with the 58xx or 57xx cards or 280x260
    but yeah I suppose you have a point
  23. i think im going to wait to see how the new drivers preform on bf3 and check the benchmarks to see if i should stay ati or go nvidia.
  24. wise choice^
  25. Speculation is that Amd is releasing the 7000 series in october, the same month that their new chip is releasing. May be even smarter to wait and see how they preform before i rush out for a 5850 or a 6000 series
  26. I have the same dilemma. I got a single 5850, and im looking for a 2nd one to crossfire. but idk if the performance increase would be worth 150$ dollars for a used 5850.
  27. dlong said:
    I have the same dilemma. I got a single 5850, and im looking for a 2nd one to crossfire. but idk if the performance increase would be worth 150$ dollars for a used 5850.

    we have decided that the best course of action is to see how the game benchmarks with all the cards. Also, it is worth noting that the 7000 series will be out in a month or less.
  28. Really that soon? where are you getting this report?
  29. Picked up a second 5850 on ebay for $110, will post some results from the Beta the moment i get it running tonight
  30. Quote:
    Good lad seemed to be your best option at this point in time ;)

    Yep, seen a whole lot of posts about people querying usage of the 5850 in single and in CF setups for BF3, I'll be posting results from a few different setups, AMD x6 platform single and dual cards, and Q9550 single and dual cards as soon as possible, should hopefully be able to clear up as many questions as I can
  31. 384 , why take a side step like that ? video ram usage is going up I understand the power draw is lower but Im gonna have to ask if there are any other reasons but power draw
  32. So it is only the heat ? Interesting.
  33. single 5850 seems to be doing ok on the beta, getting alot of fps drops from 30-40 to 10 though. Thats on high settings with 16x tropi and aa disabled (no choice on beta).

    waiting my 2-3 weeks for my 7000 series xD
  34. ^you think they will be out by then? does anyone have any official (or unofficial) news on the next gens release?

    ^That would be sweet... but I remember reading not until later down the road near the holidays, but maybe AMD will surprise us with getting them out by the release date of BF3... didnt the 6 series come out in november of last year? or was it earlier? hmmm
  35. Quote:
    Its hardly a sidestep when i will be doing SLi.
    2 gtx 480 in sli is like a boiler inside my case...

    what motherboard/ case/ fan config do you have, also are we talking reference model 480s of the first crop? I know that the 480s run hot but I was just wondering what your temps/fan profiles are like with one and what your overall config that is causing this to cause you to be a fearful sli customer, just wondering bc personally Id go for it (480sli) but I don't understand exactly what you are dealing with... thanks.
  36. ^gotcha, just curious since like you said, it would be cheaper to get another 480
  37. jjb there is alot of rumor floating around that they are pumping out there 7000 and bulldozer to beat intel from there new i7.

    google it, bunch of stuff pops up.
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