Cyber Monday impact on homebuild components

This time of year, one hears about deep discounts for pre-holiday shopping - particularly Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Do online component sellers like NewEgg typically deepen discounts between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

thanks for any advice
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  1. they have sales
  2. As an avid Newegg fan, I've always been disappointed by their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Yes, there are sales, but generally not on components that I would consider purchasing. I mean, you're not going to see a Core I5-2500K for $150 or anything like that.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for the responses.

    I've been watching prices between NewEgg and other online retailers over the past week. I suppose it should come as no surprise, but Amazon frequently manages to be very competitive on quality-name computer components. It should be interesting to see what happens with new players in the game over the holiday sales period. I will remain hopeful, but keep my expectations in check.
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