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Hello, I have a few questions about my current CPU and parts that I will be ordering and have ordered.My current setup is as follows; 955BE,4 Gig ADATA ram x2 2 gigs ddr3 at 1600 ,Earthwatts 650 power supply, AM3 Motherboard and lastly x2 5770 Xfired.What I am doing is replacing the AM3 MB with a ASROCK|Z68 EXTREME3 GEN3 1155 R. And also replacing the 955BE with a CPU INTEL|CORE I5 2500K 3.3G 6M R.

My questions, I know the 7000 series GPU by AMD are around the corner so that is why I took advantage of getting a semi future proof MB for the gen 3 and ivy.I also have found out by doing alot of research on the net that that it will support ivy bridge that is needed to run a gen3 video card which I believe ( or at least what a few other postings where saying.) So to the meat of the question; will a 650 earthwatt be able to handle sandy/ivy along with the 7000 series.And as far as the ram should I replace that with a different stock or pull it out of the AM3 and stick it into the intel board? And lastly if the earthwatt cannot handle it could you great folks recommend a P supply that could handle that wont break the bank? And if it is so it can handle that what would be a good supply that would be able to handle x2 7000 series.I do know from official review that the 7000 series I THINK shave off 30% or so wattage from previes gen cards. ALSO ( sorry ) i recently read about about sandy bridge-e and ivy-e but are not supported by the 1155 gen 3. Could you please tell me the differences between ivy,sandy, sandy-e,ivy-e.The machine is build for only gaming.

I apologize for the long post and I hope that you all have a great day.
Thanks in advance if I dont have time to thank everyone individually!
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  1. I apologize, I am not sure how the quote got in there.And as far as OC'ing I will be doing that. Thankyou :)
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  3. I don't see the point of upgrading. If you get 2 really fast video cards, you might need to upgrade your cpu, right now it wouldn't do you any good, your still gonna get the same framerates with your 955BE as you would with a 2500K.

    If you have the upgrade bug, wait for Ivy Bridge.
  4. ^+1

    You don't need to upgrade til you get new gpus, wait til IB if you want to upgrade. There's no way to tell what unreleased 7000 series will actually be so you will need to wait on that too anyways.
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