Powers up no beep no power on light

New build , powers up, no beep ,no power on light, will cpu cause this? built before but no problem like this. when it powers up that is as for as she goes
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  1. you need to carefully read this and follow the steps outlined first

    after that let me know how it works
    greater minds than mine wrote that guide just for this situation
    I am glad to help but that guide needs to be read
  2. a quick "down and dirty" guide: (slightly modified from)

    1) the power LED is on (12 volt for your CPU- its on your motherboard)
    1.1) Make sure all cables are connected well
    1.2) Please clear CMOS to have a try(refer to motherboard manual for details)
    1.3) If there is still blank screen, please connect the connector of speaker to check if there is any beeps
    1.4) Keep the necessary components ( a CPU, a memory, a graphic card )on board to test and remove the motherboard from the case to put on non conductive material, the box your motherboard came in is perfect.
    1.4.1) If there is no post, please contact your retailer for a check

    2) the power LED is off (12 volt for your CPU- its on the motherboard)
    2.1) Make sure the power cable which connects to the front panel is well
    2.2) Please swap a power supply for a try if possible.
    2.3) If the problem still remains, please contact your retailer for a check
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