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Hi Everyone


I would like your advice on building a PC for learning 3d animation and graphics suite. Please guide me regarding the hardware i should choose.

1. CPU
2. Motherboard
3. RAM
4. Graphics card
5. Cooling system (if its required)
6. Cabinet (optional)
7. Power supply

I already have these following so i won't buy new

1. Hard disk : 500 GB SATA, Western digital
2. Keyboard and optical mouse
3. 17 inch CRT monitor from samung
4. LG DVD re-writer

I intend to run the following programs

Graphics suite:

Adobe photoshop cs5
Corel painter 12

CorelDraw x4
Xara Design suite
Serif Drawplus

Serif Pageplus

Maya (latest student learning edition)
Toonboom studio
Blender 3D
Lightwave learning edition

Please note that i will be using this as my main system as my previous system (5 years old), is very slow and has some problems. I will also be using this new system for internet browsing, watching HD videos, playing 3D games and other entertainment stuff apart from learning.

I would very much appreciate if you take your time and effort in enlightening me about the requirements that would meet my expectations.

My budget is 25, 000 INR or roughly 500 $.

my email id is

Thanking you very much

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  1. hey man use the secret
  2. Thanks for the reply! I will use the secret for attracting the best PC i can ever get! but do tell me the configs
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