GTX 560 Ti or 2x GTX 260 in SLI?

My current rig is in my signature. I am loving my GTX 560 Ti.

I have a GTX 260 hanging around and was wondering if picking up a 2nd GTX 260 for $50 on eBay and running it in SLI was worth it?

I'd lose DX10/11 compatibility. The whole 'microstutter' issue is always a possibility too. SLIed GTX 260 are supposed to rival a GTX 580.

Is anyone out there using GTX 260s in SLI? Is it worth it?
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  1. It would more rival the GTX560TI rather than the GTX580. Not worth it.
  2. single 560ti, gtx 260 sli doesn't make much sense these days unless you find it for dirt cheap and i mean cheap
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    2 GTX260 in SLI is about GTX295 performance or in single card it would be the same as GTX480/GTX570 (assuming if the scaling is near perfect). GTX560 Ti only a bit slower than GTX570 but you might not going to 'feel' the real world performance between the two. in your case having single GTX560 Ti is clearly the better choice to hold onto rather than spending a bit more (to get used GTX260) while losing dx11 capabilities and have to deal with multi gpu complexity at the same time
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  5. Thanks all. I'll just keep the 560 Ti where it is.
  6. if you have some money to throw away get another GTX560 Ti :)
  7. Why not use the GTX 260 as a PhysX card?
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