Nodes? On motherboard stopping gpu seating

Hi all.

Been lurking a while and trying to fix my step son's pc but I give up and would appreciate help.

He only wanted it for SIMS 2 but soon started moaning that it wouldn't play the latest Shogun :pfff: .

I bought a new GPU and PCU to power it but when I went to install I noticed a problem

The graphics card doesn't seem to sit properly in the slot. The metal mounting plate wont go in but the card will slot and clip in the other end.

The MB is M2N32-SLI DELUXE. GPU is hd 4800 series(This is the un-upgraded GPU, we have a HD5870 awaiting fitting, I know not the best but all we could afford..)

..... I have ordered a load of MB standoffs to see if that may be it but I've honestly been disappearing up my arse for ages with this now so would very much appreciate any input

A blanking plate will slide in fully. On closer inspection it looks like there are cyclindrical node things that are stopping the card sliding in fully? I don't much feel like pulling the whole machine apart if it's simply that the MB wont support. Its the second video output that seems to fowl on the 'nodes' on the MB.

Hope this all makes sense....

Oh yes and Merry Christmas ;)

Cheers all, In advance...
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  1. Well. Thanks for all your friendly advice and input in welcoming a new member. It is greatly appreciated.

    Anway pulled the machine apart and the Motherboard wasn't sat straight in the machine. Also it would appear that the MB standoffs stop the card from sitting deep enough to screw into the slot. The PC wouldn't boot without standoffs so have had to bodge it with a longer screw.

    Seems ok for now.

    Anyway thanks again for all your input. Greatly appreciated :love: :sol: ;)
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