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Hi, I'm kind of new at computer building and this is my first self build gaming computer. I know all the parts of your computer must be compatible for it to work so can one of you smart geeks give me a hand? Here are my parts...



Video Card:

Hard Drive:


Power Supply:


CD Drive:

I also heard about something like "heatsink"? that you need for your motherboard or something? I'm sorry I'm not that familiar with computers.

Also, It would be great if you could help me cut down on some money like maybe I don't need a 750w power supply cause right now it's like $1000 about which is over my budget of $800.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Don't get the i7 2600k, they're selling the ability to hyperthread and 200MHz extra clock for $100 more, get the i5 2500k. The i5 is basically the same as the i7 only without being able to Hyperthread (many games don't even use mroe than 2 cores).
    SAVINGS: $100

    You can go with this motherboard:
    Saves: $50

    With that money saved, I would recommend you getting either a RADEON 6950, or just save the money for other uses. But I do, however, recommend you buy a Radeon 6870 instead of the 6850 if you plan on saving some money.

    As for the "heatsink", it is included with the CPU, but don't expect to overclock the CPU too much with what is called the Stock Heatsink and Fan. To overclock you need something called an aftermarket Heatsink and fan, such as the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO.
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