Does my CPU temp seem right?

I have an Athlon II x4 640 OCed to 3.45 GHz, no voltage change.
I'm cooling it with an arctic cooling freezer 7 pro.

I was messing in the BIOS and decided to turn of Cool n' Quiet to get the most performance.

Before I turned this off, I was getting temps of 18C idle in CPUID
Now, after this setting has been turned off, at idle i've seen this thing at 4C, thats almost freezing?!

Does this seem right?
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  1. Is your room about 4C?
  2. Bad mobo thermal sensors.
  3. definitely not. Prolly closer to 20. But what caused it to get a 10 degrees lower reading?
  4. The sensors aren't precision calibrated. Make a note that it reads 20c cooler than actual and let all your friends think that the freezer pro is awesome. LoL
  5. hahahahaha. will do. I'll re enable Cool n' quiet too, might be back to more accurate.
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