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Hi,I am having issues wit h my new motherboard.I assembled the system yesterday ,and it posted fine and is working.However ,when I shut the system off and turn the power switch on the back of my power supply off,the next time I got to turn the system on it will turn on for a second,then it will shut off and turn back on.After it does this it functions perfectly until I flick the power switch again.Is this normal?Should I be worried??The motherboard is an Intel DH77KC and the processor is and Intel pentium g870

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    So why are you shutting of the power switch on the back of the PSU? Normally not done, so I would guess what you are doing has something to do with standby power and is normal.
  2. Allright thank you very much for clarifying that.Also,I turn the switch off before I open the case to do work on the system.
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