Cpu fan and case fan running high

i just got a Asus M4A88T-M motherboard put it all together and now the cpu and case fan run on high speed all the time cany tips on fixing that
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  1. Check the BIOS and see option for Temperature monitoring.
    You can then let the Mobo automatically control the fan speeds depending on the temps in the case and of the processor.
    Depending on what sort of fans you have in the case and what sort of ambient temps is the place in, you can then set threshold limits to increase fans speed when they cross the 50C barrier.
  2. Does asus provide any software? If not it is def in the bios settings as said above^^
  3. well the temp is about 45 c at idle so and the nothing i do in bios changes the speed of the fans and the soft ware does nothing when i go to change the speed of the fan with the software it is dimmed out so u cant change the setting for the fans
  4. Are the cpu and case fans plugged into the motherboard? cpu fan should be 4 pin and case fan should either be molex or 3 pin.
  5. yes the motherboard can take a 3 or a 4 pin for the cpu fan and the case fan is a 3 pin
  6. Stay away from speed fan, that's a really bad utility.
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