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The LAN port on my new mother board is not working. I have tried two different cables I know work and made sure i was enabled. I even reinstalled the drivers but the led won't even turn on. please Help
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  1. If that is the case and the cable is plugged to an active plug/router/switch then you have a faulty board since it is enabled in BIOS.
  2. The computer run fine other then the LAN port.
  3. Yes but if the lan port is broken that means that the board is faulty since on a good board everything works!
  4. Can you buy Lan ports or do you have to get the mother broad replaced
  5. never mind. I got it to work... I don't know how bu it works now.
  6. Using an old cable not seating properly on one end would possibly cause your issue. And yes if it is the case with bad port it would be a matter of returning the board for replacement.
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