XPS 8300

Dear All,

I'm planning to buy an XPS 8300, 2600 3.4Ghz.

I'have a question.


Upgrade memory in prebuilt Dell webpage is too expensive. Can i bought it in a shop 4X4Gb kingston much more cheaper?

from 6Gb to 16Gb cost at dell 245,76€
buy it with 6Gb and then buy in a shop 4X4GB kingston (KTD-XPS730B/4G) cost 22€ each (88€)

is 157,76€ cheaper.

Will the performance/output be reduced?

I'm planning to add other HD, for premiere pro CS 5,5 video editting
Also add the GTX 560Ti (cuda cores, modify the .txt file of premiere)
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  1. If your system is on the compatibility list, then you'll be fine. The performance will be the same.
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