Help me get Moms a computer for Xmas - how's this?


Good ol Moms only surfs the web and plays Mahjoong. She's currently got an E-machine budget comp. with XP and I'd like to upgrade her to Windows 7. I'd like to stay under $400 and she already has a nice 22 inch Samsung monitor, so she's all set there. Walmart has an HP for $358 below. Is this ok for her? Any better deals at Walmart? I'd like to go with HP as I find them reputable over say "Acer" or whatever.

Here the computer I'd like to get her. Remember she doesn't play 3d games or anything intensive.
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  1. do you feel up to building your own?

    $400-ish can get a nice Llano build if you're willing to build your own.

    alternately, this triple-coree Llano build is the same price:
    3 cores instead of 2, better graphics.
  2. No thanks, I'd rather just buy a prebuilt, although I built my current computer.
  3. that one you showed is ok but a homebuilt system with a a6 would be much better
  4. What's an "a6"? CPU?
  5. the A6 is a Llano Chip -- a 32nm version of the Athlon II, basically, with a built in 5550/5570.

    the one I listed has a 2.1 GHz triple core processor and the HD6530D (equal to a HD 5550)
  6. She can't surf or play Mah Jong on XP? So buy WIN 7 and install it for her. Spend the rest of the cash on sweaters for her dog.
  7. Yeah, but it's an old slow E-machine. I much rather get her a new comp for under $400. She'll be surprised. I think the HP will suffice for what she does.
  8. keto: the Gateway I listed from newegg is teh same price as the Walmart HP machine with a triple core 32nm processor (compared to a dual core 45nm processor), a bigger hard drive (1tb vs 750 GB), and a much better graphics card (HD6530D vs HD 4200)
  9. the a6 computer you listed is actually a quad core, its a very good computer for the price
  10. a6-3500 is a three core. a6-3650 is a quad.
  11. ScrewySqrl said:
    a6-3500 is a three core. a6-3650 is a quad.

    i apologise for my mistake but i believe the computer you linked to has a 3600 which is listed as a quad core
  12. is Gateway a good brand compared to hp?
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    gateway is a decent brand, no better or worse than HP
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