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ATI and NVIDIA MHz equivalent?

Hello,just wanna know if the Mhz of an ATI video card is equal to the MHz of a NVIDIA card.
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    That is not the right question to ask. Different architectures can make a big difference at similar clock speeds. Clock speed is just one of a lot of factors to consider when appraising a graphics card's merits. More specifically, it is better to match up two cards and see what the differences are. Here's Tom's Hierarchy chart which makes life easier for most of us:,3018-7.html

    Here with a quick glance you can see the relative strength of video cards by model numbers. Models with M or Go designation are mobile variants (laptop).
  2. No. Their architectures are rather different though for discreet cards their price is generally a safe indication of their relative performance.
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  4. Thank you guys
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