8gb RAM DDR2 400 mhz

Ok so I've recently acquired an HIS AMD 7870. Problem is that it is being bottlenecked by my RAM I fear, which is to say my 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. Now, I've spotted two 4gb sticks of ddr2 ram at 400 mhz online and they're only 25 bucks from a reliable retailer on ebay and I'm thinking I should go for it. However, I'm still wondering: do you think it's worth it?

The reason I can't upgrade to DDR3 RAM is because my mobo is only am2+ and if I upgrade my mobo and ram I also have to upgrade my cpu because it's an amd 940, which is also not compatible with am3+

So should I go ahead with this purchase then? Will it make any difference?
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  1. what is your motherboard? That's the slowest speed of DDR2 and I wouldn't recommend it. Get the fastest speed your motherboard is made to run with and you should have less problems.
  2. I have an AMD SB700
  3. The motherboard would be more helpful than the chipset. Maybe a link to manufacturers page?
  4. Well according the the product manule you can have up to 1066 speed memory.
    Memory Socket
    (Section 1-2, page 3 http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/download_address.asp?downid=6443&proname=HA06&downtype=Manual-English&isbios= )

    Memory Socket
    240-pin DDRII Module socket x 4
    Support 4pcs DDRII400/DDRII533/DDRII667/DDRII800/DDRII1066
    Modules Expandable to 8GB
    Dual channel supported

    I would say get at least 800 speed. I don't know how much you want to spend but I'm sorry DDR2 costs so much still when you can get faster DDR3 for 1/3 the cost for the same sized stick.
  5. so you think i might as well just bite the sour apple and upgrade mobo and cpu a little later down the road?
  6. Yes I think that's the best plan if you have the money.
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