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im looking into a watercooling set up that will go inside a corsair 500r, im thinking 240mm radiator mounted at the top(fans on outside, radiator inside to soak up heat from the bottom too) but once the liquid passes the cpu wont that reduce the effectiveness with which it cools all the components it passes afterwards?
what i would like to do is mount a spare 120mm radiator i have on the side of the case(where the 200mm fan is) and have the radiators before and after the CPU in the loop to ensure the cooling performance is not comprimised with the rest of the hardware, can this be done?
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  1. also suggestions for a ~£40 3/8" pump would be apreciated
  2. The 500r definitely can fit a 240 rad on top, as long as it's not too thick. Black Ice Stealth series would fit well. The space on top of the 500R was made for the H100, so any rad around that size will work great. I have an H100 in a 500r with the radiator sitting on the mounting holes (on the outside) and the fans screwed in below it pushing out.

    As for a 120 rad . . . you could "probably" get one in the side panel, but it would be VERY difficult to remove your side panel after that. Unless you have a mass of tubing, which wouldn't look very good.

    I've thought of putting in a 120-240 in the bottom of the 500r, but that would require some modding. Removing the HD cage and drilling rad holes. Could be done though. I think as long as your PSU isn't too long, you can fit a 120 in the bottom with no problems.

    As for the order of your look, it doesn't really matter. As long as you have sufficient flow rate, the temperature before or after your cpu will only be 1-2 degrees different.

    Pumps are quite a personal preference. Do you have bay space for a pump/res combo? Are you wanting a separate res and pump mounted at different locations in your rig? These are all things you have to think about before someone can recommend a pump.
  3. seperate pump and res
  4. I just measured my 500r. If you mount a rad on the outside of the mounting holes (under the black mesh flap thingy), you can get a rad thickness of about 35mm. Maybe a little bigger if you don't mind the mesh touching the rad. It doesn't look like amazon has dimensions like that listed, or I can't seem to find them on the page.

    If you want a separate pump for less than £40, try something like this:
  5. If you were to mount on the inside of the mounting holes and have the fans in the rad tray, you could get as thick of a res as you like, but keep in mind that since the rad is mounted right in the center of the case, you may run in to problems with tall ram, heatsinks on your motherboard and stuff like that.
  6. I would suggest THIS for a radiator.
  7. It would be tight, but yeah, it should fit. The mounting holes are rubber grommets that add a little bit of space, you could whiz those out so your flush with the metal. Might fit without even doing that as the top is just mesh. I'm sure you could squeeze it in there.
  8. thanks for the help
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