Need a mobo for crossfire

So i wanted to ask if this mibo
is good for 2 hd 5770s?
my mobo right now has 2 pci-e slots but one is x16, and another is x4, so 2 are slower then 1, so i decided to upgrade lol
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  1. The board should work; what is your power supply make and model number?
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    That is a great board for it price... It should support your crossfire but what is your cpu, im guessing it's a AM3+ CPU
  3. this is my psu
    and i have a am3 cpu, but am3+ backwards compatible with am3 right?
  4. Any AM3+ board should take an AM3 cpu.
  5. if i get thay mobo, will my cooling fan fit it if i have an am3(not am3+) mobo right now?
  6. Yes your cpu fan will fit fine if your case has room, and your power supply is fine.
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