Gtx 260 crossfire vs. gtx 570ti

I want to get a new graphics card, and am wondering if it would be better to get another gtx 260 or a gtx 570ti
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    the gtx 570 carries no TI suffix and i think you mean sli for 2x 260's.
    i would buy the single gtx 570 if it was me...
    whats your pc specs?

    Yes, im sorry i mean the gtx 560. and i mean sli for the 260s your right. My Pc specs are i have 6gb, 2.4 quad, 1 gtx 260.
  2. and 750watt
  3. Quote:
    2.4ghz quad...what AMD or intel? phenom or c2q or i series?
    750watts? what brand?

    I have a AMD athlon II, believe it or not. that is it. I had an HP before and ended up replacing alot of the pieces. i have a 750w corsair
  4. Quote:
    ok great psu and an ok cpu.
    the 560ti will need more cpu beef so a little oc to at least 3.0ghz will be needed.
    also the 560ti is the better choice imo.
    superior dx11 tech and faster than 2 gtx 260's on top ;)

    With that OC, should i get a different heatsink? im using a 3.2 ghz black edition heatsink my friend had. Or do u think that that heatsink will be ok.
  5. That sounds good, ill look into that.
  6. Me agree
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