Possible DOA Asrock board.

Got an asrock board as a gift, and dropped in with all known good/compatible hardware but the board simply does not post. And stranger yet, the pc does NOT power off after turning on. I get fans and lights to turn on, and thats it, no beeps no display, and the pc will not turn off, even with holding the power button for 5-10-20 seconds.

I'm fairly new to replacing motherboards, but I've tried just about everything, different ram configurations, doubled checked my standoffs, reset the CMOS, everything gives me the same result.

I'm almost certain the board is simply dead, but maybe i can save it yet
Some help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi, What motherboard and CPU? Try testing the board outside the case, on its box. Unplug the wires from the reset switch and leave only the power one. Make sure that the wires are connected to the proper pins. Is there a case speaker (beeper) connected to the motherboard?
  2. This cpu:

    This Motherboard:

    Yes, I have a speaker, an no beeps, the board just does the same thing. fans and lights come on, but the power button no longer works or something, The only way i can get it to shut off is by flicking the switch on the psu.

    All of the other hardware is working, because i'm using it now.
    I took a chance buying this board, when over half of the reviews are DOA reviews.
  3. With the board outside the case, start it with only CPU and CPU fan installed. See if you get the error beeps. I would check again the connections from the power switch and from the case speaker and disconnect the wires from the reset switch when testing.
  4. Yea, still same issues. I'm go ahead and submit an RMA with newegg and try to get it refunded, and drop a few extra bucks on a board with better reviews.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157280 Would my chances be a bit better with this board?

    Thanks again for the response.
  5. I would go with an ASUS or Gigabyte board. It depends on the budget though.
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