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Last night my friend came round an we wanted to play LAN, just one ethernet cable from the port on his laptop to the port on my desktop, no router involved. The port LED light lit up on his laptop as soon as we put in the cable but on mine it didn't light up at all. About 3 months ago we tried the same thing and it worked perfectly (though I still had XP installed then).
I'm assuming its something to do with my network controller (which is onboard BTW) the question I'm asking is: What??

BTW - reinstalling the drivers was the first thing we did and it didn't work.
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  1. Depending on the age of the computers you may need to use a crossover version of an ethernet cable between two computers (some later models have auto-sensing adapters). Maybe you used a different cable last time or the XP driver for the NIC was better.
  2. Both computers are less than 4 months old, we used the exact same cable as last time (it the only one I own), and I don't think there is any way to tell whether the xp or the win7 driver is better, is there?
    Anyway I'll try a crossover cable next time he comes round see if that works...
  3. " I don't think there is any way to tell whether the xp or the win7 driver is better, is there?"

    My thought was that if the machine had an autosensing NIC perhaps that was detected by the XP driver and not by Win7.
  4. Generally you'll need to setup static IP addresses on both machines since there is no DHCP server involved, therefore both machines cannot get IPs.

    You MUST have them both on the SAME network. Example:

    Subnet Mask:

    Subnet Mask:
  5. Okay, sorry for sounding like such a noob people but we were in fact using a crossover cable and not an ethernet cable. To see if the net controller was working I hauled my pc downstairs, installed the latest win7 drivers for my net controller and plugged it into a our actual network. Worked like a charm, me and my brothers played some very intense COD4 on the LAN. This has absolutely nothing to do with my net controller. The controller is working fine it just isn't recognizing the crossover cable so I'm thinking that the crossover cable has died in the last four months. Should I get a new crossover cable or try something else?

    P.S. PsychoTeddy, we WERE on the exact same network.
  6. Before spending the money on a new cable I think I would (as you seem to have) test the computer(s) by connecting them to the router (or to each other via the router) by means by ordinary (straight through) ethernet cables.

    If that works maybe your crossover cable has a broken conductor.
  7. My friend came around again and so we set up our computers downstairs and plugged them into the router and we played some starcraft 2, cnc4, and bad company 2 no problems. I think that your right and that the crossover cable has a broken conductor.
    Also, I was talking to my uncle the other day, (he owns a tech support company) he doesn't know much about windows 7 and he was wondering wether windows 7 actually supports a direct pc to pc conection or wether it requires a router to connect to another comptuer; true or false?
  8. Windows 7 has no problem with that PC to PC connection.
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