Is CORSAIR TX650 V2 650W a good choice for I5 2500K


I was wondering is CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W a good idea for Intel 2500k + Intel BLKP67BA.
What do you think ?

BTW I don't intend to overclock.
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  1. It's an excellent choice. The same PSU that I have.
  2. should provide ample power depending on your graphics, you could safely go up to 1 gtx580 comfortably
  3. What's the plan for your graphics card(s)?
  4. Currently I have got ASUS EN9500GT/DI/1GD2/V2/A Link I don't intennd to buy a new graphics card so soon. Mobo's made by Intel.
  5. So you're not building a gaming system?
  6. 500W quality PSUs are usually good enough if you don't plan on overclocking.

    TDP for 2500k is somewhere around 100W, and should be about 30-50W for mobo+hdd+dvd, should leave at least 250W for graphics, which is plenty.
  7. your 9500gt is very weak it will bottleneck i5 2500k
  8. pell380 said:
    your 9500gt is very weak it will bottleneck i5 2500k
    Only for gaming. For everything else it's fine.
  9. @ zixx; What's this rig for?

    You're sending out some serious mixed signals. Core i5-2500K - but not overclocking.
    MSI Big Bang-Marshal motherboard with 8x PCI-e X16 slots - but only a 9500GT graphics card with no plans to upgrade soon.
  10. pell380 said:
    your 9500gt is very weak it will bottleneck i5 2500k
    sorry for stupid question but what does this mean ? Yo're saying i wont be able to play Crisis, GTA 4and such ?? You're saying it will damage i5 or something ?

    I am talking about intel chipset, mobo made by INTEL BLKP67BA series, I might overclock but I've never done it so probably will leave it the way it is cause i don't want to damage anything. I have 2 GB ram
  11. It's an un-balanced system with a very strong CPU and a very weak GPU.
    Your 'Crisis, GTA4 and such' gaming performance will be limited by the graphics card.
    Your games might not run any better than they do right now.
  12. right now I have core2duo and 400W PSU and 2GB ram so I think it should run better. In 2 days that will change and I'll have those mentioned above stuff.
  13. Which Core 2 Duo?
    What resolution is your monitor?
  14. E6750 2,66Ghz
    My LCD - Link
  15. If you buy the i5 2500k (might as well since 2400 is near the same price) and mobo, eventually (asap) you will want to upgrade the graphics and memory (4gb-8gb at least). With your graphics/2gb of ram your current upgrade won't do you much good.

    Be prepared for another ~$200-250 for this upgrade. That is assuming you go for a 560ti + 8gb ram. I would wait for new cards though or buy a used card.

    Also it is very difficult to hurt your system by overclocking. Most mobo's/cpus etc have a safety mechanism to shut off quickly if not volted correctly/stable.

    Also tx650 is a good choice, but unless you go with an high in graphics card you do not need nearly that much power. 430w+ would do you fine. I'd only get a 650 if you plan on getting a higher end card down the road or want more upgrade potential/o.c ing.
  16. Hotthree I've already ordered 4GB Ram + intel mobo blkp67ba series + Corsair TX650W PSU (I'll have it all in 2 days) so the only thing I will want to upgrade is graphics card but I'll do that in few months time if the old one will allow me to play games with ease.
  17. The old one will fail miserably and will make your 2500k look like a PIII

    You NEED a new graphics card - I would've bought one before I bought a new Processor...
  18. buy a r9-270 or 270x ... that will improve you gaming escenario hell well !!
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