Help me and my motherboaaarddd

So i bought a new motherboard
because i burned my old one because of i forgot to connect the fan for the cpu when i was checking it out..
The socket cpu info

So i bought a new socket and i have another fan . I put thermal paste on the new cpu thing.
motherboard is lga 775 the name of it is ECS G41T-M7 (V1.1) Motherboard

Memory is g skill 2gb dualie but im only using 2gb
Also i tried with both of them on but i see nothing

And the motherboard brought a cd am i suppose to install the motherboard to my hard drive for it to work?
Cpu fan spins
I touched the hard drive and it is on and spinning
I have a graphics card and i tried removing it and it still wont show anything
Also the all of the cases cables dont reach to where theyre suppose to go i only have power sw and hdd led
The other cables are vcc,Ground,port +, port -,speaker.,reset sw,power led

If i need to connect any of those please tell me
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  1. Did you test your power supply after your old board stopped working?
  2. Obviously your a first time builder. In any case it is likely if you never connected the fan for the heat sync on the cpu it has suffered from severe overheating, It may be likely that the cpu is damaged as well, if the case the board will not work as the cpu has gone to circuit heven, meaning you may have to buy a new cpu also.
  3. I did change power supplies to a lower one. I got a new cpu
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