Help, possible motherboard problem

Hello guys,
Im having some problems with my computer. The other day I cleaned my fans out with Duster spray and pulled my graphics card out to get all of the dust out of the fan. Once I cleaned out everything I plugged everything back in and started it up. Everything started up fine, but I was getting no signal from my monitor. Then my computer shut off by itself and wouldn't start again. I figured it was the power supply so I swapped the power chord out for a spare one. It worked and started the computer up, but still with no signal from the monitor. I thought maybe its the monitor, so I swapped the monitor out for a spare and still no signal. So i continued to the graphics card(Im running a geforce 7900gt) and swapped my friends card in(geforce gts450) and STILL no signal... I even tried a spare hardrive, but same thing no signal. The last thing I can think of is the motherboard... Which means time for a new computer because my mobo is socket 939....
What was peculiar about the whole situation was that my power chord when to crap, which kinda seems like there must've been a short or something.

Do you guys have any additional information I can go off of? Any advice? Money is kind of tight right now and I need my computer.

My comps specs are
geforce 7900gt
4 gigs ram, ddr3 I believe
420w PSU, I have an additional 750w PSU that I have swapped in as well
Im not sure about my CPU because I haven't been able to get to windows.

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    this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
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