Usb Keyboard not working

I was using my computer I plugged in my usb drive and my mouse and keyboard stopped working.
I have tried reseting the CMOS and tried using a ps/2 keyboard.
It is a foxconn motherboard, amd Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, 2 2gb gskill ram sticks, Gigabyte NVidia Gforce GTS 450 Graphics card, Rosewill RX950-S-B, 950 Watt Power Supply, and Western Digital 150gb wd1500AHFD-00RAR1.
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  1. When I plugged in the flash drive it installed a driver then this happend, also is it supposed to stay at the post screen?
  2. Psu problem.check psu fan correctly working or try in other Psu.if problem continues update bios ,hdd and Gpu firmware .
    Check the removable devices are working in other system.if working problem in usb ports.(if Psu problem can also do this ).
  3. I fixed it by unplugging the front usb port connector
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