Help with my build, please :)

Hello forums! I'm back with a new and improved potential build for my gaming / music production / graphic design PC. The following is the list of components that are currently in my cart on, I was hoping the community could look through it and tell me what they think:

Case - Antec 1200 full-tower
MOBO - ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
CPU - Intel i7 2600k Sandy Bridge 3.4 GHz
Memory - G. Skill Ripjaws Z 16gb (4x 4gb) 1600
GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 560Ti, (SLI)
Sound card - Creative Sound Blaster X-fi titanium
CPU Cooler - Zilman 9900 Max
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB
PSU - Rosewill Lightning 1000w semi-modular

Anyways, any comments would be greatly appreciated with concerns, advice, (or compliments telling me what an awesome computer I put together, LOL!)

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  1. What's your overall budget?
    Too much PSU. 750W would be plenty.
    That cooler's too expensive. If you're planning to do crazy overclocking, get a Mugen 3 for $50. Otherwise, get a $30 Hyper 212 EVO.
    Go Ripjaws X. I'm not certain that Z will actually not work with P67, but X definitely will.
  2. Budget is ~$1800.

    Are you sure 750w would suffice? Keep in mind I have 2 gtx 560s and a x-fi sound card

    I know the cooler is over-kill, long as it keeps my chip cool, only other think I care about is looks. I'll drop another 30 bucks to make the unit look "that much better"

    I meant to say ripjaws X, I actually didnt know the Z series existed. I've used the X series in many of my builds.
  3. Zalman coolers are definitely worth the price you pay for them so I would stick with what you got there but I think you should switch out the power supply with an Antec supply or PC Power and Cooling one. Everything else looks really solid.
  4. One more quick question, kajabla...I noticed that your configuration included the inWin Dragon Slayer case. This was my second choice next to the Antec 1200. Still tossing the two around in my head. Are you happy with the case you chose or would you go back and choose another one if you had a second chance?
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    A good 750 watt PSU would be more than adequate.

    A pair of GTX560Ti's will pull 300 watts, maybe peaking to 400 watts. Figure an OC'd CPU for 100 - 120 watts. And figure about another 100 watts for the rest of the system. A discrete sound card will pull 10 - 15 watts.

    So that is 500 - 550 watts with an occasional power draw peaking at 650 watts.
  6. This ( puts two 560 Tis at full load at 570W. That's still fine for 750, but quite different from your number.
    The Mugen and Zalman have similar performance, but the Mugen is quieter (
    I love my Dragon Slayer. The cable management pocket is a little tight, but with a little wrangling it works. I think most cases above $60 or so work perfectly well; just decide by stylistic preference.
  7. awesome, thanks everyone!
  8. I went with the NZXT Apollo case, Antec 800w PSU...and I realized the CPU cooler I wanted would not fit in my I decided to have some fun and mod a liquid cooling system, it came out GREAT! I can upload some pictures if you guys are interested in seeing it :)
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