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OK i am trying to modify my computer to make it a Decent Computer that is moderately fast and can run BF3 at about 35 fps+

Here are my current Comp spec
Manufacturer - Dell
Model XPS XPS 420
Memory ( RAM ) 6 Gigabytes
System type 64 bit
Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition
OS Service Pack -
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

CPU Type 2x Intel Pentium III Xeon, 2333 MHz
Motherboard Name Unknown
Motherboard Chipset Unknown
System Memory 6080 MB
BIOS Type Unknown

Video Adapter ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series
Video Adapter ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series
Monitor Dell SP2009W [NoDB] (R297D8AN0L7L)

Disk Drive WDC WD5000AAKS-75A7B0 (465 GB, IDE)
Optical Drive TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653F
SMART Hard Disks Status OK

Keyboard HID Keyboard Device
Mouse Logitech HID-compliant Optical Wheel Mouse

Modem Conexant D850 PCI V.92 Modem

I am was looking around and i saw that Tomshardware wrote an article about the Ati Radeon HD 4870 512 MB having a price cut and now its about $150. I was wondering if i could replace my current video card with this ( would it have any complications/ Glitches etc ) and is there any thing else that i have to change if i did this? If there is a better Video card thats about $50 more and is significantly better please list it. If you think i should change something else about my computer because it is outdated or just not good let me know too please.
I know my Comp isn't amazingly strong but i gotta start somewhere right?
Thanks :p
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  1. It would be better to buy a new system as your current setup would not be sufficient to play BF3 at any satisfactory level.
  2. Agreed. Burn it and start over.
  3. dual P3 xeon's aye ;D

    Try something like this. Looks ok if you fancy building it. may need a boost in the graphics for 35fps but this would be a solid and low cost base to build a quality PC.
    It goes with out saying that you need to do you research before spending any money, start with the recommend spec for the game and work back.

    Video memory for the textures - if your budget is tight then drop 1GB to 512MB but as system memory is not massively expensive then more the better.

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
    RAM: 4GB
    Graphics card: DirectX 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950.
    Graphics card memory: 1 GB
    Sound card: DirectX compatibl sound card
    Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version
  5. Where did you get an old server/workstation setup like that? Anyway, the others are correct, even though it is a dual-cpu rig, those Pentium III's are just too old by a few generations.
  6. You should be able to do a lot better than an Radeon HD 4870 512 at $150, and your video card is where you need to start.

    You should verify that you have a PCIe slot for your graphics -- I suspect you do have a PCIe slot but I have to throw this out there because there are AGP versions of your current graphics.

    You do not have a P!!! Xeon -- I suspect it is 2 x Core2 Quads.

    If you download, install and run the CPUz utility we will have a much better idea of your hardware
  7. triny said:
    It would be better to buy a new system as your current setup would not be sufficient to play BF3 at any satisfactory level.

    Ok i was prepared for that i did a little bit of dreaming/building and i found a website to build a what im guessing beast computer for the price atleast

    This is one of the Computers i made using the website

    AMD A-Series APU
    Case 1 x NZXT Source 210 Gaming Case-White
    Case Lighting 1 x Cold Cathode Neon Light-Blue
    iBUYPOWER Labs - Noise Reduction None
    iBUYPOWER Labs - Internal Expansion None
    Processor 1 x AMD A8-3870K APU (4x 3.00GHz/4MB L2 Cache)
    Processor Cooling 1 x Liquid CPU Cooling System [AMD]-ARC Silent High Performance Fan Upgrade
    Memory 1 x 4 GB [2 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module-Kingston HyperX
    Video Card 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 - 1.5GB - EVGA Superclocked - Core: 797MHz-Single Card
    Video Card Brand 1 x Major Brand Powered by AMD or NVIDIA
    Motherboard 1 x Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H
    Power Supply 1 x 800 Watt - Standard
    Primary Hard Drive 1 x 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s-Single Drive
    Data Hard Drive 1 x 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s-Single Drive
    Optical Drive 1 x 24X Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive-Black
    2nd Optical Drive None
    Flash Media Reader / Writer 1 x 12-In-1 Internal Flash Media Card Reader/Writer-Black
    Meter Display None
    USB Expansion None
    Sound Card 1 x 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard
    Network Card 1 x Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card
    Operating System 1 x None- Pre-formatted Hard Drive Only
    Keyboard 1 x iBUYPOWER USB Keyboard
    Mouse 1 x iBUYPOWER Internet Mouse
    Monitor 1 x 19" LCD 1366x768 -- Sceptre X195W-Naga
    2nd Monitor None
    Speaker System None
    Video Camera None
    Case Engraving Service None
    Warranty 1 x 3 Year Standard Warranty Service
    Rush Service 1 x Rush Service Fee (not shipping fee)-No Rush Service, Estimate Ship Out in 5~10 Business Days
    Advanced Build Options 1 x iBUYPOWER Specialized Advanced Packaging System-Protect your investment during transportation!
    Advanced Build Options 1 x Tuniq TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound-The best interface between your CPU and the heatsinks
    Advanced Build Options 1 x Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower-Achieve exceptional airflow in your chassis
    Advanced Build Options 1 x Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower-Basic Pro Wiring
    Monitor Cable 1 x 15 ft. DVI to DVI Cable (DVI-D Dual Link, resolution up to 2048x1536 )
    Subtotal $1,608.00

    It said that i could run BF3 on Ultra also.

    Do any of you think this is a good buy or do you think i could do 100 times better if i just built it myself?

    Ebalong - not sure where but i got it from some magazine as a sale in 2009 and i needed a computer really bad :lol:

    Davidgermain- Nice find i might have to use that now so i gotta find compatibility with whatever i chose. Thanks :)
  8. If that's the case, how much do you want for your old computer?

  9. No reason to get an A8 with a high end Nvidia GPU, it only crossfires with an AMD GPU.

    Any system over $800 shouldn't have an A8.
    i5-2500k/2550K or i7-2600k are the better options if you're getting a dedicated GPU.

    (Sorry for raising my voice)
  11. Lol its all cool just want to get the right computer and not waste like 1000 bucks on BS :p
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