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Temperature of My PC

Hi All,

I am having a Self Built PC
Its a Core 2 Quad processor with ASUS p5kpl as\ms Mother Board

I 've downloaded some software to check my PC's Temparature

Its showing
Mother Board
System Temperature 68 °C

Average Temperature 59 °C

Like this.

I am having a problem of continuous restart of system

please advice me

that above mentioned temperatures are concerned with my system restarts?
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  1. You do have a heat sink and fan installed with thermal paste applied to it ?

    Are your case fans working ?

    Your system is getting too hot and shutting down to prevent damage.
  2. Yeah,

    I do have a heat sink and thermal paste applied to it and My fans are working fine.

    But its covered with some dust..
    Is the Dust is the reason for high temperature?

    and also my HDD LED is glowing Red..

    please advice me on this
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    kindly check ur motherboard capacitor (shown +- sign) tall size is fine . some times these capacitors got swelling their upside when their life is completed. u can easily match the capacitors up side with eye view easily to others capacitors in motherboard. plz replace if this problem persist.
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