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I am considering getting the nzxt phantom I have two ATI 5850's crossfired an Asus p6tse mobo 8 g of ram along with a Corsair 850w psu. Right now my case is a thermaltake vblack and my gpus are running 97 and 86c respectively, really bad, no cable management on one of my gpu's the plastic has peeled away on the fan. I wanted an opinion on the phantom as I'm consideringly strongly on buying it and eventually oc'ing it.. so I'd need a cooler too. Thanks.
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  1. Yeah. The Phantom is good but not as good as cases at its price range. You might want to get the new HAF 932. I can assure you with its cable management and it is one of the most popular cases in the category.

    You might want to pick up the Hyper 212 EVO

    That's all. :)
  2. Phantom > HAF. Same cooling, better looks. Check this rant I wrote in the other thread :)
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