Motorola HS850 Headset problems on XP

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Hi folks, I got a new HS850 this week. I paired it to my Nokia 3650 in
about 30 seconds and was off and running--it works fantastic there.

So, next step is to pair it as a headset to my desktop. I'm using
Widcomm drivers on a Zeevo USB device that supports Bluetooth 1.1. It
pairs up fine there, and otherwise bluetooth is functioning nicely on
this setup.

It auto starts up as an Audio Gateway, not a headset. I'm assuming
headset is the direction I want to go? If I disconnect the device
under My Bluetooth Places\My Device, then right click on the Bluetooth
icon on my system tray, Quick Connect->Headset->Motorola HS850, I get a
Bluetooth Service dialog that says "Created 'Headset' connectino with
device 'Motorola HS850' but the HS850 beeps a quick hi-lo tone every 5
seconds, which the manual says "no network/service". Back in My
Bluetooth Places\My Devices, the "My Audio Gateway" is enabled. It's
like the computer starts a headset connection, then the headset itself
errors out because things don't line up.

So, I click the button on the headset. The Status on the PC shows that
I've sent 12 bytes to the computer and everything seems "hunky dory."
No beeps, but zero audio.

I've got to be missing something really basic do I get the
system to play audio back throught this thing? I've got to control
panel->sounds and audio devices, and under the audio tab the default
devices for sound playback and recording is "Bluetooth audio". The
voice tab is set the same. The Test Hardware button doesn't seem to
produce any sound.

Volume is turned up on everything, so it's not a dumb thing like that.
Voice is not detected by anything either.

So, any advice is appreciated. This seems simply, but Bluetooth
frequently isn't simple. :-)

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  1. i am having the EXACT SAME problem minus the fact my connector is 2.1 and the widcom drivers wont install for me. Anny ideas? it is making me feel like :cry:
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